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Executive board

Daniel Mart, President

Daniel Mart

Dr. Daniel MART, born in 1956, has graduated from Brussels Free University in Brussels in 1982 after a curriculum that has lead him through Luxembourg, New York, Zurich and Brussels.

From 1982 through 1985 he worked in emergency medicine for Europe-Assistance and as founding member of SOS-Médecins Brussels. In 1985 he set up his private practice in family medicine in Luxembourg-City. He joined the Luxembourg Medical Association (AMMD) as a board member in 1989 and is responsible for restructuring the nationwide medical emergency system (1992). He also joined the first European working group on smart cards and was involved in several European framework research programs, firstly as an expert for the European Union and finally as a partner in research projects focussing on the structure of electronic health records and data security issues.

He has been elected as CPME President for the years 2006 and 2007.

Benoit Hap, Projects Manager

Benoit Hap

Dr. Benoit HAP, founder and administrator of Technologies sans Frontières, is medical doctor, engineer and computer scientist. Today he is president and CTO of TipSoft S.A. Luxembourg, Software Publisher specialized in networks security and embedded systems. Formerly founder and R&D Manager of C2V (Computers, Communications and Visions) S.A. France, Software House specialized in software engineering, computer graphics, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, he has led several European Research Programs (AIM, Eureka, Eurotra).

His previous professional skills as manager, coordinator, R&D director, European expert as well as his field experiences even in crisis environment (war [Faya-Largeau – Chad], earthquake [El-Asnam – Algeria], urban medical emergencies SOS-Médecins-Brussels founder – Belgium], tropical issues [MSF – Cameroon]) will be an excellent asset for the stakes of the IRMA project.

Michel Delval, CTO

Michel Delval

Michel DELVAL is one of the founders and current administrator of TSF. Born in Africa, he has a personal interest to use his skills to help people in this continent.

French electrical engineer, doctor in computer science, he has high level skills as software developer in different fields of advanced technologies as secure network appliances, embedded systems, web-based DB...

After 12 years in R&D at C2V (Computers, Communications and Visions – Paris), Michel Delval today is project leader, lead developer and shareholder at TipSoft S.A. (Luxembourg) where his multipurpose experience, from numerous projects on multiple platforms with various environments, is a great asset for any R&D or application developments.

Operational team

Anne De Greef, COO

Hans Lemuet, Online communication