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The not-for profit organization TSF aims to promote technologies to assist the most impoverished, give them access to knowledge, training, goods and services, to improve their living conditions and to support their autonomy in all fields of everyday life, such as health and education.

Action scope

The main directions of our work must be feed by reflections. For examples:

  • We choose priorities, such as Disaster Risk Management (DRM) to develop reusable infrastructure for education and health.
  • We want to provide connectivity and tools to feed available computers with content.
  • We act thinking about the profitability, in order to achieve sustainable projects.
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Wifi antenna

Wireless antenna in the desert, Cameroon

Why technologies?

Advanced technology such as solar panels, embedded IT, online training, satellites, wireless world, can definitively help shortcut a jump into the future as well as reducing the learning curve.

All the first sectors concerned by the development cooperation: transport, agriculture, education, health, DRM (Disaster Risk Management)... are depending on ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

At TSF, we prefer to speak about AICT (A for "Affordable"), insisting on the fact that these technologies must be installed and maintained on the ground; they can be manufactured locally and therefore replaceable, even upgradable.

In addition TSF must adhere to the Kyoto Protocol. It is no longer a question of "selling" the old technologies we not use any more, but rather to explore the most efficient products, consuming as little as possible, and therefore capable of being powered by renewable energies, including solar: it sounds good since the target populations, usually they have the sun.

Moreover, these developments will have a direct impact, and not the least, on our lands.