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Action scope

The main directions of our work must be feed by reflections. For examples:

Reusable technologies

Indeed, education and health are the two udders/pillars of a society that is doing well, so we want to act in these areas.

But given the range of potential interventions, the realism recommends us choosing priorities, taking into consideration the field's requirements to carry out concrete projects, and concerned by sustainable applications.

That is why our first projects relate to DRM (Disaster Risk Management) to develop reusable infrastructure for education and health.

Educational aspect

To have a computer in the bush makes no sense if we can not be connected and/or if we have not content inside this machine, that's why we want to provide connectivity and tools to feed these computers with content (knowledge).

Profitable projects are sustainable

The sustainability of a project is also based on its profitability, what we profitably sell on one side may be "given" on the other (to prime the pump) at cost. So the profitable product will be maintained, and may initiate the creation of local wealth.

TSF is an organization that wants the sustainability of its actions, and is thus seeking to initiate and maintain the business locally, and therefore wants to think about the socio-economic ins and outs, as in micro-finance.

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